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Cherished WhispersWooden Memory Boxes Creating memories....A Fond Farewell to Baby Chance Our Memory Boxes Contents of the pink and blue boxes Our Early Loss Card

Cherished WhispersWooden Memory Boxes

Creating memories....A Fond Farewell to Baby Chance

Our Memory Boxes

Contents of the pink and blue boxes

Our Early Loss Card

Welcome to Cherished Whispers

Now a Registered Charity number 1153479

Cherished Whispers is a charity providing memory boxes to the Medway Maritime Hospital for Parents who have suffered the loss of a baby in pregnancy, birth or shortly afterwards.

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We also have what we call the “Whisper Page
This is a secret page where Parents/Grandparents can talk to others that share this common ground. On there you can post pictures, poems, music and above all else make friends, however the only way to join this very private page is through our admin page which is called Cher Whisp (you will see our logo) so just find the page and ask to be friends then just post that you would like to join the Whisper Page and we will do the rest. (We do not wish to offend anyone but we may ask a few details of your loss to ensure other Parents/Families privacy, we hope you will understand the need for this) 

Here are a few words from Parents who use the Page!

From one of our Dads

When people mention super heroes you automatically think batman, superman, wonder woman & such like characters. Personally I think about all the people that help families like mine deal with the loss of their children, even when it brings back painful memories of their own experiences. Cherished Whispers is full to the brim with heroes and none more so than Cheryl. She has been there through every step with us. Being our personal photographer and our shoulder to cry on. I am forever grateful to Cherished Whispers as if it wasn't for them we would have left that hospital with more regrets than we already had. Thank you Cheryl and the team, you are one in a million. X


 From a few of our Mums

Cherished whispers was a big help in helping me grieve for our first son. Everyone within the group understands what you are going through, it's like a very special family. Cheryl is ALWAYS there to listen and has done an amazing job in setting up Cherished Whispers.


It will be a year in March 2013 since we lost our angel Drew and without all of you it would have been a very very hard place to be. As you send your love to everyone that comes on here and we all know how each other feels. I think of you all as very good friend’s thank you for being here for us xxxxxxx 


My husband and I lost our daughter in February 2012 and it is truly the hardest thing we have ever been through. After losing our angel we were given a special memory box containing precious bits for our baby. I joined  the Cherished Whispers site 4 months after losing our angel and then joined  the Whisper Page is  for parents/grandparents where they can go and  talk freely about the loss of a baby. At this point in time I was  not dealing with things very well and felt that I couldn't turn to my husband as he never wanted to talk about our angel or how he was feeling about what we had been through. So when I posted for the first time on the Whisper page I was so overwhelmed by the comfort and support for other grieving parents it helped me big time. Even now if I post on the Whisper page there is always someone to comfort you or give advice if needed. I am so very grateful that this charity/page was invented, as I feel it has made me a stronger person after such heartbreak. I never thought I would be able to cope but having this charity/page in my life, I truly have. 


Cherished whispers has made the loss of our baby so much more bearable, and I don't know how I would have managed without the support of Cheryl and all the other angel parents. No matter how I feel, I know they will always understand. The difference they have made is truly amazing. I can talk about Callum, and unlike alot of other people they undersand that I am a mum to three beautiful boys and not two. With them my angel is never forgotten or tiptoed around. He is always as much my baby as the others. They are amazing people and truly are angels walking amongst us. xxxx

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